Storyteller at Heart

Who is Meg Fitz?

Meg Fitz has been writing in her head since childhood.  The imaginary world was more satisfying. In her teens, she decided to make the imagines in her head as real as her vocabulary would allow.  At the same time, she had been diagnosed with dyslexia. Because of course, she had to pick the hardest route. But she owed it to characters and jokes, in her head, to try.

She loves otters, corgis and hopes someday science will get around to making a Roomba for stairs.

She lives in Maryland with her family, three cats, and her dog who thinks he's a cat.

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Years ago I  wrote to escape into an exciting world that lacked traffic and laundry.

I had always been a writer, but tried to break into the YA market.

Accidental Quarantine existed on my laptop for 10 years.  Back when everyone in the YA community wrote a paranormal romance about the one special girl falling in love with the hot monster that really "got" her.

I wrote a I wrote a modern retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth where they are both infected with a deadly virus and are trapped in Quarantine for six months.  It was rejected by every agent.  They said "Quarantine wasn't something people could relate to." 


OK... then 2020 hit and I had a vague sense I had done this all before.

During the same time,  I used writing as a way to escape the horrors of mortality and use it as my therapy .  Three books later I realized that  tomorrow is not a guarantee and maybe someone would like to read my fluffy entertaining romance. 

So I created a webpage and some social media posts and posted Accidental Quarantine on Kindle Vella.  It has been on Kindle Vella top 250, has hit number 1 in it's categories and has several 5 star reviews.

Everything is moving fast, time to jump on the train because the view will be cool.