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Young Adult Romantic Comedic Adventure.


Penny loves secrets, and she knows Hadeon is hiding a big one. 

She’s right. 

Hadeon has a crush on Penny, and when he overhears that she’s in danger, he drags her to safety.  Along the way, they are exposed to a deadly virus, trapped together in an underground quarantine facility while scientists race to find a cure.  


Now, these two socially awkward teenagers must rely on each other to keep their sanity during what could be their final months.  


Good thing they aren’t alone; they have three dogs and a hitman to keep them company.  


Hadeon must keep his feelings for Penny to himself.  Because how will she react when she discovers his family were the ones who created the virus as a bioweapon? 

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Accidental Quarantine will be available on Amazon, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.  Get it now!

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Best Laid Plans is out on Vella.

Book 1 Best Laid Plans will be on Vella Summer 2022

Released on Kindle and Amazon in Fall 2022

New Adult Romance

2/5 spice level


Book 2: Failure to Plan will be out March 2023

New Adult Romance

3.5/5 spice level

Book 3: All According to Plan will be out  Late Summer 2023


4/5 Spice level