• erinn manack

Ignoring all responsibilities

Well, it's that time... Time to show off all my hard work. I've spent 10 years avoiding this. But my author's journey is about to start.

I am packing up everything I need: a computer, an overinflated ego, delusion, and anxiety and head off into the big wide web.


10 years ago I went on this path, got sucker-punched by reality but vowed to return again. As I embark, I stopped and read some guide books- how to market your book with no friends. I don't think that was the title, but it was similar.

And it all came back to me.

Oh... right... I need to make friends and get people to like me. Right.

Ummmmm.... hi

Um, yeah, that's not what I look like at all, but... nothing's real on the internet. :-)

So I am off, to write or edit or create some media no one will look at.

Until next time everyone!

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